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Pharmaceutical Online Sourcing Center

A Tailored Approach To Understanding Provider Options

The vetting process for selecting service and equipment providers is time consuming and complex. Readers who visit Pharmaceutical Online for informative content can now also easily search for a manufacturing or packaging supplier who can meet their company’s specific needs.

Who Are They?

It's the most important question you can ask when searching for equipment providers. Pharmaceutical Online’s Sourcing Centers provide users with a way to learn the capabilities of multiple suppliers in an efficient, convenient manner. Browse these details on your own or allow us to help connect you with a partner who can fit your specific needs.

Sourcing Centers


The equipment used in bioprocesses varies greatly from drugs manufactured with inorganic materials.

Facility Design

Proper facility design also must accommodate all equipment requirements and maintenance access needs.


Product inspection is an ongoing vital process to ensure GMP compliance throughout a facility.


Choosing the right packaging materials involves many considerations including the effectiveness and performance related to preserving the specified pharmaceutical products.

Process Equipment

Each piece of equipment used in the manufacturing process must be Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant, which results in almost every step being automated.

About Pharmaceutical Online

The landscape of the life sciences industry is as vast and varied as the professionals who work in it. Some online resources aim to serve the entire space. We wish them luck. Instead, our goal is to be the most valuable resource for a specific segment of the industry – pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging – and the professionals who make their living there. The Pharmaceutical Online community is not made up of generalists. They’re specialists, like us. We deliver in-depth content from authoritative authors and sources because that’s what our community demands.